Friday, June 10, 2011

A Soldiers Heart

Today is just one of those days when I really miss Dallas. For those of you who don't know Dallas is my 3rd oldest brother and he is currently in Iraq. Every now and then I have "One of those days". He will be home on the 25th for 2 weeks. This is not his first tour of duty. His first tour was right out of highschool. Since that first tour he has served a full time mission to Geneva Switzerland and has married and had 2 beautiful little girls. I can say that I am one of the proudest little sisters in this world.
 It wasn't just him that first time....It was all 3 of my brothers. They served this country ever so willingly and are my heros. Ryan my oldest brother was married and had just had his first child, Tyson was newly married, and Dallas was fresh out of highschool. They sacrificed so much to serve and though they missed a lot of things, I have never heard them complain. They served with all their hearts.
  There is a song my brother Tyson heard when he was in Iraq. Its called "A Soldier's Heart" by: R. Kelly. I had forgotton about this song until recently. It is a very extremly inspiring song. It is a source of Strength for our family. It makes our sacrifice of 1 years without a brother, a husband, or son, seem so worth it.
 We are aware of the danger we are aware of the risk, but we do not fear. We put it in the hands of Lord and trust in Him. We know that if something were to happen we are a family forever and we will always be a family. Please Pray for those Men and Women so honorably serving in our Armed Forces. THANKS TO THOSE WHO SACRIFICE FOR OUR FREE NATION.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ok kids....I'm scared of My BISHOP

Yes of all the people in this world to be scared of my bishop is about #3 on my list....Don't ask me why....maybe cause Imma bad kid, or because he's just all around intimidating. Yeah He scares the life out me. He fun and he jokes with me and such but sometimes its like his eyes are legit BOARING into my soul and he can see all the bad things I've done. like that one time my parents went out of town and i got an R-rated movie and watched it...WITHOUT CLEARPLAY....what a rebel right or when i swore tripping up the stairs....Yeah real classy right? NOT! So anyways...since I'll probably tell my bishop about this post I'm just gonna go ahead and count this as one visit to his office...Given My track record there will probably be many more... ya know should I rebel again and stuff! Well PEACE LOVE and all that CHIZ (P.S Chiz is actually the name of a resturant in Idaho, not me trying to pass of a swear word)

Being Thug Like Me Is Pretty Hard.....But to be Thug Like Cameron Vosters..... Now that's a challenge!

So todays post is deticated to the one the only thugiest thug in the world! my Gossip Buddy Cameron Vosters. This kid is a perfect example of THUG...But ever so sadly the thuggin moron decided to go and graduate :( so now who am I supossed to be thug with? I mean really you aren't a thug til you have a thug buddy to be just as thug as you are! :(   Well I will seriously miss you Thug! PEACE LOVE AND ALL THAT CHIZ