Friday, May 27, 2011

Growing Up SUCKS

So heres the deal, I'm 15 and I'm already picking colleges and majors. So far my majors are like dead dead set and are PhotoJournalism and Philosophy. However the college picking part is not going so great. Yes I am fully aware that I still have 3 years butI like to be prepared. So anyway Right now for the Philosophy major my top 2 picks are University of California: Berkeley and New York Unitversity, both are in the top 30 schools for philosophy NYU is actually #1 in case you cared. For PhotoJournalism I have a list of 9 scoohl.... but for right now 1-5 are 1) Boston University 2) Cocoran College of Art and Design in Washington D.C. 3)California State University: Fresno 4) University of Miami 5) Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona! Yeah still 3 years and I'm kinda already FREAKING OUT!
But aside from that I can't help but notice how I'm....advancing...more than others... like today I had to help my little brothers girlfriend "STUFF" so her chest could fit her dress a bit better... while for me it would have been like bursting at the boobs! I mean really I've always been like this... "Aunty Flow" visited me about a full 2 years before she even hinted about visiting all my friends. I was about a full foot taller than most of the kids in my grade from like 3rd grade to 8th when the all FINALLY had their growth spurts. So now here I am WAAY to...developed... Yeah we'll go with that.
But that's the story of my life. So now here I am stressing over something 3 years away and have a MAJOR BREAKOUT. Yep it's offcial GROWING UP SUCKS

Thursday, May 26, 2011


So just realized I am a friggin legit THUG! yeah i know doubtable but for reals....Thuggin Ain't Never Looked So Good! Let me tell you i am the epitimey of Thuggster. I mean I'm basically BLACK which atuomatically qualifies me for THUG NUGGET! I don't honestly know why I didn't see it before but heck I realize now that I was born to be Thug....This is sooo CHILL ok well PEACE LOVE AND ALL THAT CHIZ

UH... I wimped again

I missed my shot...i was gonna tell how I'm just worried about him and this DRASTIC personinality change. It's not just me that sees it so i guess i let down more than myself. :( But aside from that! TOMORROW THE LAST SMART STUFF DAY AT SCHOOL. IT"S FRIDAY!!!

And...I'm a Total WIMP! :(

So this friend I sorted bashed on a while back...the one i was gonna talk to... well i keep wimping out. so today I'm pulling out all the stops no retreats...WE ARE TALKING No backing out!.... !! So right Now I'm listening to some major PUMP UP MUSIC.... Hopefully the pumpiness stays! So anyway here my PUMP UP PLAYLIST: 1.Rolling In The Deep (ADELE) 2.Real Slim Shady (EMINEM) 3. Pump it (BEP) 4. Where is the Love (BEP) 5. Defying Gravity (WICKED) 6. The Call ( Regina Specktor) 7. Somewhere over the Rainbow (IZ)... K so anyway I spent last night writing by far one of the most disgusting essays EVER! It's so bad but my friend Lucy edited it. Shes from Korea! shes going home on SAT Morning!! GONNA SUPER MISS YOU LUCY! :(

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And I Think to Myself...What a Wonderful World....

Wow...I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when it rains! So refreshing and chiz! While Some hate it I find it nice break from the Sunny Sunshine. Rain makes me think...and for me.. well thinking isn't the greatest thing for me to do! But any who heres a list of what i think of when it RAINS: Kissing the rain, Dancing with Baby Billz in the rain!, Snuggling in Mexico with Cynthia,  Sharing a bed in Mexico with RENSTROM!, Laughing like a loser in study hall with Madison, Cameron and Esteban, and Miranda.... Oh the Joys, also Falling LOVE with...Nevermind... but any way!
Sometimes i just want to talk...and today is SO NOT one of those days! All the seniors are basically gone so study hall is... A DUD! but oh well....OMFG My school revoles around the Drama like who like her but she like him but he likes her who likes him who doesn't even know that she exsist....Sometimes i just want a break...But oh well....Well I'm Out! PEACE<3 and all that other CHIZ!
P.S. I think it's time me and this friend had a talk...Maybe 7th hour...I miss you Bro wish things were good again!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Well SKipping the Drama...HERES Some MORE....

THAT LAAST POST WAS NOT MEANT TO STIR UP ANGER AGAINSET THAT SO CALLED FRIEND....Just so we are clear...I LOVE HIM LIKE A BROTHER PUT AM TOTALY TOTALY FED UP WITH HIS HEAD-UP-THE-REAR Attitude....diggin what i'm sayin so yeah...just so we are clear..not like i'm delcaring war over the web or anything!

The Not-So Best Friend?

SO what happens when your best friend gets in a situation and becomes a TOTAL JERK over it? Do you call them out on it? or do you just deal with.... So heres the deal: My best friend just got a new girlfriend... (THROW UP IN MY MOUTH)  and because of this new found releshinship, he's kinda changed. He has this idea that he is so much better than everyone else, when in all reality he's losing a TON of friends...well maybe not a ton but at least one who really cares about him and wants him back the way he is. So now what do I do...I've talked to him and he so didn't take it seriously. I just put up with it but in all honest to goodness truth...I think it's to get the boat and let it sink by itself...

Monday, May 16, 2011

GUYS ARE SOOOOO IMATURE! SOmetimes they say stuff and i'm just like....Ok really?  What are you like 9 ? And then they are all like HAHA Yeah what are you like....SMART. and I'm all like ok your dumb.

So pretty much my bestie Chandler did something kinda dumb....but all the same I still love him... But seriously. You so could have called me i mean like leave a voice mail genius. what kind of a little brother are you! No worries tho...I think I still love you!
But any way there is this POSSE sitting next to me of way funny guys.... yes i'm complimenting them. don't get used to it.
So people are just great! I mean thank goodness they're here cause if the were'nt my life would be LAME!!!
Well i'm out! PEACE! LOVE! and all that CRAP!