Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And I Think to Myself...What a Wonderful World....

Wow...I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when it rains! So refreshing and chiz! While Some hate it I find it nice break from the Sunny Sunshine. Rain makes me think...and for me.. well thinking isn't the greatest thing for me to do! But any who heres a list of what i think of when it RAINS: Kissing ...in the rain, Dancing with Baby Billz in the rain!, Snuggling in Mexico with Cynthia,  Sharing a bed in Mexico with RENSTROM!, Laughing like a loser in study hall with Madison, Cameron and Esteban, and Miranda.... Oh the Joys, also Falling LOVE with...Nevermind... but any way!
Sometimes i just want to talk...and today is SO NOT one of those days! All the seniors are basically gone so study hall is... A DUD! but oh well....OMFG My school revoles around the Drama like who like her but she like him but he likes her who likes him who doesn't even know that she exsist....Sometimes i just want a break...But oh well....Well I'm Out! PEACE<3 and all that other CHIZ!
P.S. I think it's time me and this friend had a talk...Maybe 7th hour...I miss you Bro wish things were good again!

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