Thursday, May 26, 2011

And...I'm a Total WIMP! :(

So this friend I sorted bashed on a while back...the one i was gonna talk to... well i keep wimping out. so today I'm pulling out all the stops no retreats...WE ARE TALKING No backing out!.... !! So right Now I'm listening to some major PUMP UP MUSIC.... Hopefully the pumpiness stays! So anyway here my PUMP UP PLAYLIST: 1.Rolling In The Deep (ADELE) 2.Real Slim Shady (EMINEM) 3. Pump it (BEP) 4. Where is the Love (BEP) 5. Defying Gravity (WICKED) 6. The Call ( Regina Specktor) 7. Somewhere over the Rainbow (IZ)... K so anyway I spent last night writing by far one of the most disgusting essays EVER! It's so bad but my friend Lucy edited it. Shes from Korea! shes going home on SAT Morning!! GONNA SUPER MISS YOU LUCY! :(

1 comment:

  1. Dude I know that Essay sucked!! Hey.... nice choice in pump music may I just say!! LOVE YOU LUCY