Friday, May 27, 2011

Growing Up SUCKS

So heres the deal, I'm 15 and I'm already picking colleges and majors. So far my majors are like dead dead set and are PhotoJournalism and Philosophy. However the college picking part is not going so great. Yes I am fully aware that I still have 3 years butI like to be prepared. So anyway Right now for the Philosophy major my top 2 picks are University of California: Berkeley and New York Unitversity, both are in the top 30 schools for philosophy NYU is actually #1 in case you cared. For PhotoJournalism I have a list of 9 scoohl.... but for right now 1-5 are 1) Boston University 2) Cocoran College of Art and Design in Washington D.C. 3)California State University: Fresno 4) University of Miami 5) Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona! Yeah still 3 years and I'm kinda already FREAKING OUT!
But aside from that I can't help but notice how I'm....advancing...more than others... like today I had to help my little brothers girlfriend "STUFF" so her chest could fit her dress a bit better... while for me it would have been like bursting at the boobs! I mean really I've always been like this... "Aunty Flow" visited me about a full 2 years before she even hinted about visiting all my friends. I was about a full foot taller than most of the kids in my grade from like 3rd grade to 8th when the all FINALLY had their growth spurts. So now here I am WAAY to...developed... Yeah we'll go with that.
But that's the story of my life. So now here I am stressing over something 3 years away and have a MAJOR BREAKOUT. Yep it's offcial GROWING UP SUCKS


  1. Oh Spud...hahaha!...I love how blunt you are. basically. ;P

  2. Chicken did people really need to know that i'm small...:p :D!