Monday, May 16, 2011

GUYS ARE SOOOOO IMATURE! SOmetimes they say stuff and i'm just like....Ok really?  What are you like 9 ? And then they are all like HAHA Yeah what are you like....SMART. and I'm all like ok your dumb.

So pretty much my bestie Chandler did something kinda dumb....but all the same I still love him... But seriously. You so could have called me i mean like leave a voice mail genius. what kind of a little brother are you! No worries tho...I think I still love you!
But any way there is this POSSE sitting next to me of way funny guys.... yes i'm complimenting them. don't get used to it.
So people are just great! I mean thank goodness they're here cause if the were'nt my life would be LAME!!!
Well i'm out! PEACE! LOVE! and all that CRAP!

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