Monday, June 6, 2011

Ok kids....I'm scared of My BISHOP

Yes of all the people in this world to be scared of my bishop is about #3 on my list....Don't ask me why....maybe cause Imma bad kid, or because he's just all around intimidating. Yeah He scares the life out me. He fun and he jokes with me and such but sometimes its like his eyes are legit BOARING into my soul and he can see all the bad things I've done. like that one time my parents went out of town and i got an R-rated movie and watched it...WITHOUT CLEARPLAY....what a rebel right or when i swore tripping up the stairs....Yeah real classy right? NOT! So anyways...since I'll probably tell my bishop about this post I'm just gonna go ahead and count this as one visit to his office...Given My track record there will probably be many more... ya know should I rebel again and stuff! Well PEACE LOVE and all that CHIZ (P.S Chiz is actually the name of a resturant in Idaho, not me trying to pass of a swear word)

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