Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New School....New Kid...Again...

Well Long time no post....My BAD. But to be honest not much is really poppin in my hood! I am Foot ball Manager at Star Valley High School. Yes it's 3 girls to like a Bazillion guys..... You'd think the odds are in my favor right...not so likely! It's Homecoming Week and I don't have a date. My cousin 2 months younger than me has a date...exactly a week after his birthday but not me....Can we say pathetic. Ha but this new...ummm "new Job" of mine affords me the opportunity to travel across the state of Wyoming...Not as great as it sounds. It's a lot of SAGEBRUSH and long butt-numbing bus rides.  But like said GUYS, GUYS, and more GUYS....Who may be a little SMELLY at times.
Now don't think I'm super loving it. To be frank: I HATE IT. I could think of about well ok just one place I would rather be than here....It's called Highland, Utah. With my parents and friends. Ok so maybe I'm a little bitter. I mean I was my choice but lets just say this choice SUPER BITES. Not to sound...Cocky or anything but I went from popular with tons of friends to eating lunch by my self and running to my classes so I don't have to worry about looking dumb! But I think I'm done complaining for now....So PEACE LOVE AND ALL THAT CHIZZ! LOVE YOU ALL MISS YOU ALL!!!! SPUD!


  1. well.
    sounds like you're having fun...
    i miss you so much. :(
    and i love how you described the bus rides. classic spud moment.


  2. i miss you. come back. maybe i'll come visit. in like, twenty years. love you spud! so happy to talk to you on the phone like... three nights ago. <3 <3 <3